Hotel ophold

CoastZone Team Challenge (2-3 hours)

CoastZone Team Challenge focuses on unity through healthy and fun competitions in the natural surroundings of the hotel. You learn to appreciate each others differences and become re-engergized. Together we will create a super afternoon or evening with different and exciting activities, that strengthens the teams joy of working together. Participants will be separated into smaller teams of 6-8 people. We have placed a series of different activities, in the areas surrounding Comwell's hotels, for the teams to complete. There will be tasks to challenge mind, body, and ability to work as a team. The teams start together and can follow along with the competition, bringing an increased intensity to the program.


CoastZone GPS Adventure (3 hours)

GPS Adventure challenges communication skills and ability to work as a team. You are brought together in an informal and energetic situation and discover new and exciting sides of each other. Participants are separated into teams and each team is divided into a field and base team. The field team with be equipped with a GPS device. The task of the base team is to guide the field team to a series of check points via LIVE tracking, big screens, iPads, and cell phones. The team that is able to optimize communication, team work, and prioritize the tasks, as best as possible, will earn the most points and win the challenge. The technological tools gained in this activity can easily be used to your advantage during the work week. CoastZone believes in positive energy and guarantees a rewarding day filled with smiles, laughter, and high fives.


CoastZone Brain Game (1.5-2.5 hours)

CoastZone Brain Game is an energetic and intense race, that demands team work, strategy and involvement of all the participants. The challenge occurs primarily indoors with shorter breaks outside. We create a common experience with success where you use your mind and body to complete a series of challenges. The activities challenge the 7 different intelligences.

You will experience a dynamic competition that unites team work and simple logic. We separate you into smaller teams, after which you will compete with each other to earn the most points. The challenges are on various levels and for different types - for the logical thinkers, the decision makers, and the socially inclined. CoastZone Brain Game will give you an intense and dynamic experience, where all the individual resources of the group come into play. Communication, team work, and ownership will emerge as the most important tools for performing.