1. Order gift card

(ex. '1500' - this section may contain numbers only)


Er du sent ude?

Fortvivl ikke. Du kan hente og printe vores midlertidige gavebevis, så du har det at give på dagen.

OBS: du skal stadig bestille det "rigtige" gavekort på siden her.


Read about payment security by clicking the link indicated below


2. Where would you like the gift card to be sent to

(Only used in the event that Comwell must contact you in relation to your booking)

(A confirmation will be sent to this e-mail)

When transfering

please indicate the name of person placing the order

When Comwell receives payment, gift card will be dispatched

You will receive an e-mail with your order confirmation

If you order from a company, please write billing address in 'comments'

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