Comwell Korsør
Ørnumvej 6
DK-4220 Korsør
Tlf. (+45) 5835 0110


Comwell Kellers Park
H. O. Wildenskovsvej 28, Brejning
DK 7080 Børkop
Tlf. (+45) 7641 1717


Varbergs Kurort
Nils Kreugers väg 5
S-432 24 Varberg
Tlf. (+46) 340 629800


Comwell Borupgaard
Nørrevej 80
DK-3070 Snekkersten
Tlf. (+45) 4838 0333

Welcome to a world of well-being and total rest.

A spa stay at one of Comwell's hotels treats you with indulgence, renewal of energy and a relaxing experience for all of your senses.

Comwell Spa Philosophy

Our philosophy is build on 4 basic pillars: Mental rest, physical flow, treatments and well-being. Recently we have decided to add a fifth element- Comwell Care.

Our idea is to give you a sense of relaxation and a boost of your energy level in body and soul.

We offer a wide range of different treatments together with physical activities. A physical activity gives you peace of mind in body and soul.

But another important factor of our philosophy is the food we serve. All of our meals are served with the purpose to be a delight for the eye, palate and the waist measurement.

Come as you are - Return as your self!

Spa Day

You do not have to spend the night to experience our lovely spa facilities. Read more about the different opportunities at the hotel webpages below.

Visit our Spa shops, we have a wide range of different products, and our spa therapists are ready to guide you on which products to use for different purposes.

Spa Hotels

Each of our spa hotel offers unique possibilities for lovely spa experiences. Read more about spa stays, activities and treatments on the sites of our spa hotels:

Comwell Borupgaard in Snekkersten close to Helsingoer
Comwell Kellers Park close to Vejle
Bella Sky Comwell in Copenhagen
Comwell Varberg Kurort in Varberg Sweden.

Welcome to Comwell Spa!