MeetingDesign helps you reach your goal

meetings and conferences

Comwell offers what we call MeetingDesign- a consultation service that is free of charge. Every hotel has experienced and professional MeetingDesigners. They will advise you on the physical framework of your meeting and additionally give you good tips on work methods, tools and program planning. MeetingDesign is a guaranty for the premises are in place for a successful meeting.

Individual sparring practice and guidance

Our MeetingDesigner will guide you based on the purpose of your meeting.

You might already have an idea about your meeting program and what you want to achieve with your meeting. In the light of this information our MeetingDesigners will guide you on how to reach your goals.

Our MeetingDesigners help you with:

  • Planning your meeting
  • Tips on how meeting contestants could prepare in advance before the meeting
  • Suggestions on working methods and activities customized to your meeting
  • Tips on how to engage meeting contestants in the meeting program
  • Making the breaks an active part in your meeting
  • How to time your food and beverage with your purpose of the meeting in mind
  • Experiencing how food and beverage can be more than just taking the edge of your appetite
  • Experiencing how the physical framework affects the results of the meeting 
  • Ideas on how to follow up on results to reach the requisite yield

Props and methods for the creative meeting

Comwell Easy Meetingbox concept
We offer an Easy Meetingbox in every Comwell Hotel. This box is developed in cooperation with Moving Minds. The Easy Meetingbox is based on latest knowledge and research on learning, creativity and effective meetings. 

We all think and learn differently and our creativity is awaken differently as well. Easy Meetingbox consist of a collection of different props and tools to facilitate your innovative meeting. Our MeetingDesigers are ready to help you derive maximum advantage from the Easy Meetingbox where your potential creativity unfolds.

Contact a MeetingDesigner at out hotels to hear more about Easy Meetingbox or MeetingDesign.  

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