Terms and Conditions


1. General terms regarding Comwell Club membership. 

1.1 Membership of Comwell Club is regulated by these terms and conditions. It is members own responsibility to read and familiarize with these terms and conditions, including any amendments thereto.

1.2 Minimum age for membership of Comwell Club is 18 years. Membership is a contractual agreement between Comwell A/S (hereinafter called “Comwell”) and you personally (hereinafter called “member”). Membership cannot be issued to Companies or other legal entities. Only one person per membership can be registered. Only one member per checked in room, can earn and redeem points.

1.3 Member is obligated to ensure that no unauthorized person gets access to the member’s information and it is member’s responsibility to keep information updated.

1.4 Comwell Club is in operation until further notice, and Comwell reserves the right to terminate Comwell Club with 6 months notice.

1.5 Comwell reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of Comwell Club, by giving the member notice either via Comwell’s website, email, telephone or ordinary email.

1.6 Comwell reserves the right in its sole discretion, to terminate membership of Comwell Club, and such termination may cause it to lose its point if the membership has been breached. Such breach may for example consist of abusive or disrespectful behaviour towards Comwell and its employees, criminal acts or acts that are generally perceived as immoral or unethical, or simply constitute a breach of these terms and conditions. Member may at any time terminate his or hers membership at

1.7 It is member’s responsibility to inform employer in advance and obtain employer’s prior consent, if such consent is required, if member expects to accrue points in Comwell Club based on overnight stays paid by employer.

1.8 If points are accrued in connection with work, used in private matter, you may be liable to pay income tax. Member is obligated to inform relevant authorities or employer thereof, and pay all taxes and fees, the member is subject upon.

2. How to accrue points

2.1 To accrue point’s member must disclose that he/she is member by giving relevant member information when making a reservation. Points can be accrued from the date on which member is admitted to Comwell Club.

2.2 Points are accrued based on every purchase you do, in connection with an overnight stay at the hotels. When settling your account with already earned points, new points are accrued only for invoiced amount. To accrue points every purchase must be associated to a room reservation. For example, purchases in the restaurant must be registered at the room bill. Member earns 5 % on each purchase in connection with an overnight stay.

2.3 Only one member per room per overnight stay accrue points for actual stay.

2.4 Comwell points accrued by member can not be transferred or combined with other Comwell member accounts. Points can not be sold, transferred or converted to cash.

2.5 If Member believes that he/she has not received correct amount of points, Member can use contact form in the left column in every Comwell Club page, to communicate this fact to Comwell Club coordinator. The request has to be in hand of Comwell Club coordinator within 3 months after check out date.

2.6 Accrued points are valid for current calendar year and 36 months from vesting date. In connection with Comwell First members being transferred to Comwell Club, Comwell First points are converted to Comwell Club points in ratio of 1:20, meaning that 10,000 First points equals 500 Comwell Club points.

2.7 Members can access account details online at

2.8 There is not issued points in connection with meetings and conference stays. However each meeting participant is able to earn points for consumer expenditure, when attending meetings and conferences. To accrue points, every purchase has to be registered on Members own bill.

2.9 Points are only accrued, when paying directly to Comwell, meaning that purchases through external travel agencies do not give points.

3. How to use points

3.1 Comwell Club points can be used to pay overnight stays fully or partly.

3.2 Comwell may at its discretion and at any time change the point structure.

4. Use of personal data

4.1 Member accepts and consents to Comwell registering and processing of personal data, relating to members application for membership in Comwell Club, in accordance with applicable laws and these terms and conditions. The personal data registered, will exclusively be handled and stored with the purpose to inform Members about offers from Comwell Club, to administer membership and to accumulate points. Any other purpose requires further and clear consent from Member.

4.2 Comwell A/S is responsible for protecting personal data. Member of Comwell Club has the right to collect information about registered data on their person by submitting a written and personally signed request to Comwell. Member is entitled to demand removal or editing of information that is incorrect or incomplete. Furthermore Member may, at any time, terminate membership of Comwell Club at

5. Other Regulations

5.1 These Terms and Conditions are regulated by and construed in accordance with Danish legislation, with the exception to the statutory provisions applicable under legislation of other countries.

5.2 You will be considered a new member, if you have not been a member for minimum 12 months.

5.3 Points can usually be claimed one day after check out date.

5.4 Points can not pay for gift vouchers or be disbursed. When purchasing gift vouchers, you will receive 10% extra from the amount that has been paid. Meaning when buying a gift voucher for 1000, - DKK, you will receive a 1100, - DKK. gift voucher. This is valid for gift vouchers purchased on Comwell’s website only.